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 Paulstaa's Application.

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InGame Server Supporter

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PostSubject: Paulstaa's Application.   Wed Dec 01, 2010 6:08 am

Well Jordan, I hate to make another application, but I guess I should be decent at it now. I have experience from the old server and all Smile

Why you want to be (Server Supporter): Well, we need some Server Supporters and I think I'd do a good job of it as I was Mod, Admin on JordChey and i used to be Co-Owner on Project Fuziionz before I had laptop problems.

What you would do to help out if you were staff: Well I know how to, and can easily help people with most things and I know you and the other staff can't help everyone all the time and I think I could help you out with that.

+ an extra 50 words to tell us about you and what else you would do if you got staff: You already know a fair bit about me, my names Paul and I've been playing your servers for a while now. And if I got staff I'd help out with anything you asked and I'd also help everyone else. Thanks for reading, hope I get the spot Wink
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Paulstaa's Application.
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