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 black 0ps moderator app

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black 0pz

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PostSubject: black 0ps moderator app   Tue Nov 30, 2010 12:24 pm

Why you want to be (selected staff type):I want to be moderator to help the community and economy grow i will advertise and stay active on the game and forums!

What you would do to help out if you were staff:help all players solve there problems and help advertise to help the community grow!
i could also post everyday,possibly in the news and general disccusion

+ an extra 50 words to tell us about you and what else you would do if you got staff:My real life name is aaron,i love computer games especially this game!it is great fun and im 16 years old im still at school and i would love to be staff i could help the community and economy alot! please consider me as staff as have been mod twice and admin once on servers! i have quit due to them closing the server because they cant be bothered to keep it up anymore
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black 0ps moderator app
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